Take the Act for Peace Ration Challenge. Join more than 10,000 incredible people across Australia, living on refugee rations during Refugee Week (18-25 June) and raise money and awareness for communities threatened by conflict and disaster.
You’ll eat the same as a Syrian refugee living in a camp in Jordan. Just a small amount of rice, lentils, chick peas, beans, fish and oil. That’s it. No red meat, no coffee, and no alcohol!

1 Take the Challenge

Take the Challenge

We'll send you all the resources you need to take part.

2 Survive on Rations

Survive on Rations

Eat the same rations as a Syrian refugee during Refugee Week, June 18-25 and put yourself in the shoes of a refugee.

3 Raise Money and Awareness

Raise Money and Awareness

Share your experience, raise vital funds for refugees and help change attitudes.

Ration Challenge 2017

What are the Rations?

We’ve designed the Ration Challenge to reflect, as closely as we can, what it’s like to eat rations as a Syrian refugee in Jordan. You’ll receive a ration pack and food coupons and you’ll also have the opportunity to earn rewards.

Food item Quantity
Rice 420g
Lentils 170g
Dried Chick Peas 85g
Tinned sardines 125g
Tinned kidney beans 400g
Vegetable Oil 300ml
Ration Pack

Why take the challenge?

There is a crisis in our world right now. Millions of people just like you and I are being forced to leave their homes and are now in desperate need of food, shelter and medical care.

But you CAN make a difference. Here's how.

You'll be raising vital funds to support refugees who have lost everything.
Provide food rations, medical care, education and psychosocial support.
By sharing your experience with friends and family, you'll be raising awareness for the refugee crisis and creating a platform for people to debate and engage.
We partner with local organisations focus on refugee led long-term solutions. You’re investing in a safe and dignified future for all.

Your Impact

In three short years, Ration Challengers just like you
have already made a huge difference to the lives of refugees the world over.

2.6M raised
10000 people
17M people reached

Where your money goes

Around the world, people taking the Ration Challenge are transforming
the lives of refugees who have risked everything for a safe life.

Rations, education, healthcare, farming, hygiene, psychosocial support

Your fundraising reaches vulnerable
communities around the world



We have travelled to refugee camps in around the world to meet refugees living on rations, and see what the Ration Challenge community could do to help them. Many kind and welcoming people have shared their stories with us. Stories we’ll never forget. Read their stories of strength and courage


When you sign up we’ll send you everything you need to take part including a toolkit and resources. We’ll also send you a Ration Pack once you fundraise your first $100.

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