Change lives.
Change attitudes.

There is a global refugee crisis and people are turning their backs. We’re on a mission to change that!

Small actions. One voice. Impossible to ignore.

Since the Ration Challenge started, more than 35,000 of you have come together to take the challenge and raised more than $8 million to provide food, medicine and education for refugees.

Together, we believe we can do even more!

How it works

Give every month

Together with our local partners on the ground you’ll be supporting life-saving programs month in month out.

Take small actions

Each month we will send you a simple, but meaningful action you can take, so you can continue to raise awareness and show refugee we’re with them, not against them.

See your impact

We’ll introduce you to the people whose lives you’ll be changing by sending regular updates each month and giving you ways to connect.

One voice. Impossible to ignore.

“It gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction to know that I am one of many dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives. If all individuals can make a small contribution, we can collectively make a large contribution. This, in turn, can bring about real change.”
– Graham

“I feel proud and hopeful to be part of such a big movement around Australia that is genuinely making massive strides and really impactful change. I hope my actions can show at least one person that there is a group of people in Australia who really care.”
– Olivia

Together our collective impact will be life-changing for the communities we stand alongside!

How you'll change lives

By giving every month you’ll be supporting Act for Peace’s programs around the world, helping to support communities impacted by conflict and disaster.

Humanitarian assistance

You’ll be continuing to provide those most in need with food, water and health care as soon as an emergency or conflict happens.

Sustainable development

You’ll be supporting communities to tackle their own problems in a sustainable way – through education, small business and farming.

Advocacy & campaigns

You’ll be helping to drive change through long-term campaigning efforts, aimed at mobilising governments and decision-makers to tackle the root causes of poverty and injustice.

Supporting local partners

We believe local people are best placed to identify the problems faced by their communities and create solutions that work, so we partner with local organisations on the ground to achieve change. You’ll be investing in our local partners around the world.

Our partner organisations are community led and volunteer driven, with many of their staff being members of the community themselves. In Jordan for instance, many of the education and support programs are run by refugee women, who are then able to learn valuable skills and provide assistance to others.