Calling all schools!

Challenge your students to take the Ration Challenge
and show refugees we’re with them, not against them.

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What it’s all about

Challenge your students to eat the same rations as a Syrian refugee during Refugee Week (17-24 June) – just a small amount of rice, flour, lentils, chick peas, beans, fish and oil – and get sponsored to do it.

By putting themselves in the shoes of a refugee, they’ll learn about global issues, develop empathy for others and feel empowered to make a difference in the world.

The money they raise will provide food, medicine and education for refugees; and support other communities around the world threatened by conflict and disaster.

Want to speak to us directly about the schools program?

You can the Ration Challenge Schools Coordinator Catherine Hill at or call 1800 025 101.


In the last four years more than 25,000 Australians have taken the Ration Challenge, raising an amazing $5.9 million – enough to feed over 22,000 refugees for an entire year!

This year we are asking students, teachers and the whole school community to get involved.

When you register, we’ll create your school with their own fundraising page and give you access to the Ration Challenge schools’ hub – packed with educational resources, fundraising tips and everything you need to know to take part.

We’ll also send your school food ration packs for everyone taking part!

Want to access the Ration Challenge resources and educational material? Check out the ‘For teachers’ and ‘For parents’ section of this site.

Schools’ Leaderboards

A big shout-out to our top fundraisers – students, teachers and everyone else involved from the wider school community – who’ve been working hard to raise money for the cause. Thank you, you’re all making a real difference!

If you’d like to sponsor either an individual or a team, just select their name to visit their fundraising page.

Top individuals

Top teams

How to take part

1. Register your school team – we’ll create a fundraising page for your team and give you access to the Ration Challenge schools’ hub where you can access educational resources and tips to help you fundraise. We’ll also send you a school resource pack, including a food ration pack to show your students.

2. Sign up your students – sign up students by submitting their names on your Ration Challenge schools’ hub by 5pm Tuesday 5 June. We’ll set each of them up with their own fundraising page and send them their own food ration pack to the school in the week before the challenge.

3. Fundraise to make a difference – support students to raise funds to provide food, medicine and education for refugees. The funds they raise will be making an incredible difference to Syrian refugees in Jordan and others around the world.

4. Learn and take action – by putting themselves in the shoes of a refugee your students will develop empathy for others and learn more about the refugee struggle. You’ll have the opportunity to teach them about global issues and make them feel empowered to make a difference in the world.

The Challenge

We’ve designed the Ration Challenge to reflect, as closely as we can, what it’s like to eat rations as a Syrian refugee in Jordan. Your students will be able to eat the food rations in their ration pack, plus additional rice and flour from two food ‘coupons’ that they source at home. They can also earn extra food rewards to add to their rations by working hard on their fundraising.

  • Teachers – as the team leader your main role is to support your students. You can choose to take the Ration Challenge too if you’d like.
  • Senior high school students – we recommend that high school students in senior years (aged 16-18) take on the Challenge for 5 days.
  • Junior high school students – we recommend that high school students in junior years (aged 11-15) take on the Challenge for 3 days.

Please note: Please sign up your school and the names of all students taking part by 5pm Tuesday 5 June to ensure we have time to post your food ration packs so you can take part. 

Where the money goes

The money your school raises by taking on the Act for Peace Ration Challenge will help support Syrian refugees living in camps in Jordan, having fled 7 years of conflict and violence in their own country.

You’ll be providing food ration packs to the most vulnerable – the same food your students will be eating during the Challenge; helping give refugees access to life-saving specialist care; and ensuring kids can go to school. You’ll especially be supporting children who, during times of conflict, are often the worst affected.

We’ll also use the funds to help tackle injustice around the world through Act for Peace’s emergency response, long-term development and advocacy programs.

You can learn more about where the money goes here.


Key questions answered

What resources are available?

Designed by teachers, for teachers, we have a range of refugee-themed resources available including curriculum-based resources for English, Geography and Religious Studies. Visit the “For teachers” section to view and download these now!

What is the nutritional value of the food rations?

The calorie content of the food eaten during the Challenge does not meet Nutrition Australia’s recommendations for a balanced diet. Please seek medical advice before allowing your child to take part or if you have any concerns regarding their health and safety.

The full Ration Challenge nutritional information can be downloaded here.

Can I sign up my school if I’m a student?

Unfortunately not – if you are a student and wanting to take part, please download this information sheet and take it to your teacher or an adult who will be able to sign up your school or class.

More questions? Get in touch on email at or call 1800 025 101