For parents

The Ration Challenge asks students to eat the same rations as a refugee during Refugee Week and get sponsored to do it. By putting themselves in the shoes of a refugee, they’ll learn about global issues, develop empathy for others and feel empowered to make a difference in the world. The money raised will provide food, medicine and education for refugees around the world; and support other vulnerable communities threatened by conflict and disaster.

Parents and guardians play an extremely important role in ensuring that students can safely take part in the Challenge and have a positive experience. We have included important information for you to read so you can support your child’s learning and help them make a difference.

Are you wanting to act as a support person and create a team? You can create a team here. Please be aware you will need to collect parental permission for all team members.

What's involved?

The Ration Challenge takes place during Refugee Week, on 17-21 June 2019. Schools can take on the Ration Challenge by:

1. Signing up a school team – teachers or support people can sign up a team. We’ll set up a team fundraising page for the school, send a school pack with useful resources and give teachers access to the Ration Challenge schools’ hub.

2. Signing up students – Teachers will request parental permission collected with this permission slip, and then students will be added to the school team online. A fundraising page will be created for each student and the organising teacher will forward on these details. Your child will use this page link to share with people and ask for sponsorship.

3. Students learn and fundraise – in the lead up to (and during) Ration Challenge week, students are asked to do their best to fundraise $300 and are challenged to learn more about issues impacting refugees.

4. Ration Challenge week – students eat the same rations as a refugee for 5 days (senior students) or 3 days (junior students). By putting themselves in the shoes of a refugee, they’ll learn about global issues, develop empathy for others and the money they raise will make a real difference to the lives of refugees and other vulnerable communities.

Note: All students who have received a donation by Wednesday 5 June on their individual fundraising page will be sent their own food ration pack via their school. Any students who haven’t received a donation by this time can still take part, but will need to source their own food. 

Important information

Students taking part in the Ration Challenge all need to have parental permission to take part. We ask that if you consent to your child taking part, you are available to assist with:

1. Meal planning and preparation – to ensure the food is both cooked and stored safely.

2. Safe fundraising – we do not allow unsupervised door-knocking in this fundraiser. Please support your child to fundraise safely.

3. Supervision – while this event is intended to be a challenge and a learning experience for our students, please support your child to consume and learn safely throughout the Challenge, through observation and supervision.

Downloadable resources

Do you have more questions about the Challenge? Download the resources below with important information, frequently asked questions and guidance around how to ensure your child stays safe during the Challenge.


Support your child in their Challenge

By signing up to take the Ration Challenge, your child is in for a tough, eye-opening and perspective-changing experience. We’ve included our top tips for parents below to support your child in their Challenge.

1. Download the Ration Challenge student guide
Read through the Ration Challenge student guide that your child will receive that includes tips and important info.

2. Be the first to sponsor them
By taking the Challenge, students around Australia are making a huge difference to the lives of refugees and should feel great about what they are doing. But fundraising is hard and kids may feel nervous to ask people to support them. A great way to kick-start their fundraising is for you to make the first donation to their page and encourage them to ask supportive adults who you know would support them.

3. Help them make a difference
Have you considered sharing their story amongst your work colleagues or close friends? Taking the Challenge is a huge effort and by making a donation to your child’s page, people will be directly supporting refugees. Search for your child’s name on the Ration Challenge website and share their fundraising page URL via Facebook, email or ask people in person.

4. Support their learning
The Ration Challenge is a great opportunity to discuss global issues with your child. Their school may choose to learn about these issues in class and we encourage you to download the resources below and engage with the subject matter as you see fit in your family.

Want to learn more?

Join the Ration Challenge Parents email list and we’ll update you on important information, key dates and send you new material as it becomes available.

Alternatively if you have any further questions you can contact the Ration Challenge Schools Coordinator, Hope Capurro: