For students

Taking the Ration Challenge this year? You’ll be joining thousands of students, living on refugee food rations during Refugee Week, raising money for refugees and learning about this important issue. The money you raise will make a real difference to the lives of refugees by providing food, medicine and education.

Take part in three easy steps:

  1. Join your school team and get friends involved
  2. Fundraise to make a difference
  3. Eat refugee rations during Refugee Week

School hasn’t yet signed up? Speak to your teacher or parent and ask them to find out how you can get involved.

Don’t miss out on your food pack! To earn your food ration pack you must receive a donation on your own fundraising page by 5 June. Numbers are limited, so start fundraising today so you won’t miss out. 

Fundraising resources

Download your Ration Challenge resources below. We’ll add more resources every week so make sure you keep checking this page!


Learn about refugees

Learn more about refugees, discuss this important issue with your family and share what you’ve learned at school. Download the Global Trends in Displacement UNHCR

We’ll be adding more resources shortly so make sure you check back in.

For your support crew

Make sure you ask your support crew to visit the ‘For parents’ page of this site where they can download nutritional information and health advice, FAQs, educational resources, fundraising resources, fact sheets and recipes.

If they have any questions please get in touch, we’re always here to help. You can call us on 1800 025 101 or email us at

Your challenge

Eat the food rations in your ration box (we’ll send your ration pack to the school one week before the Ration Challenge), plus additional rice and flour from two food ‘coupons’ that come in your pack. These coupons represent the coupons many refugees are given by the UN or other organisations that they can exchange for food. You can also earn extra food rewards to add to your rations by working hard on your fundraising.

Senior high school students – we recommend that high school students in senior years (aged 16-18) take on the Challenge for 5 days.

Junior high school students – we recommend that high school students in junior years (aged 11-15) take on the Challenge for 3 days.

Don’t forget that food packs are limited! You must receive a donation on your fundraising page by 5 June to receive your food ration pack. If you have not received your first donation by that date, you can still take part but will need to ask an adult to supply the ration ingredients for you.

The difference you'll make

Over 11 million Syrian people – nearly half the country’s population – have been displaced because of war. They are the world’s most vulnerable people; mothers and fathers struggling to feed their children; sons and daughters missing out on an education; people dying for want of basic medical care that we take for granted in Australia; and families who, after losing everything, are not getting the support they deserve to rebuild their lives.

The money you raise will help provide food ration packs to the most vulnerable – the same food you’ll be eating during the Challenge – as well as hygiene kits, medical help and psychosocial support.

We distribute emergency hygiene kits that contain clothing, soap and sanitary items to help maintain health and prevent disease.

We run community medical days each month so that hundreds of refugees can access life-saving specialist care.

We also run education forums for children, as well as programs that provide counselling and support to refugees.