Do the Challenge as a team

Share the cooking, pool your rations and support each other through the tough times – the Ration Challenge is perfect for a team.

To create a team you need each person taking part to register separately on the Ration Challenge website, so we can send each of you a resource kit. Get your team captain to then create a team from their fundraising page and invite people to join, or you can search for the team name and join yourself.

Why a team?

Earn rewards

When you create a team you can get some great rewards
  •   70g of milk powder for all team members
  •   4 teaspoons of coffee to share if you create a team of 4 or more
  •   A bonus item of your choice up to value of $10 to share with your guests if you hold a fundraising dinner 

Share your rations

When you’re in a team you are allowed to pool your rations and share your rewards. Many refugee families share rations and they often swap with other families depending on their weekly needs.

Share the cooking

During refugee week you can share the cooking just like a real refugee family. Don’t forget if you’re cooking together to bring your own rations along- or your host will go hungry the rest of the week!

Motivate each other

through the hard times. When the going gets tough, there is no better motivator than people beside you going through the same experience. 

How to create a team?

  1. Sign up as an individual
  2. Login to your account and click ‘Teams’ and then ‘Create team’
  3. Choose a team name and a fundraising target
  4. Invite friends and family! 
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