The money you raise will help ensure Syrian refugees have enough to eat, but most importantly by taking the Ration Challenge you are telling refugees around the world that there are people who still care about them. 

Refugees Share Their Story

We travelled to Jordan in November to understand what life is like for Syrian refugees living on rations, and what our community could do to help them. We'll never forget what they told us. A mum describing how she’d lost her child. Two young boys who’d lost their dad. Families who’d seen bombs and bullets flying towards them as they fled for their lives in the night. Read their stories and meet the people you are eating rations alongside.

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About Act for Peace

We believe that when people all over the world work together, big changes really are possible. We’re passionate about building a better world. And that’s why we’ve made it our mission to act in partnership with other passionate people, like you, across the globe to achieve safety, justice and dignity in communities threatened by conflict and natural disaster. We don’t think there is any task more important. Thank you for joining us.  

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The refugee crisis

It has been five years since Syria was torn apart by a bloody civil war. Thousands of people continue to flee Syria every day to protect their families from bloodshed, violence and death. They are forced to leave everything behind, often taking nothing but the clothes on their backs. We cannot give them back their loved ones, their homes or their dignity but we can stand by them and help give them the strength to cope until their can return home. Learn more about the refugee crisis here.

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Where the money goes

The money you raise will help ensure Syrian refugees have enough to eat and will be supporting refugees around the world. In Jordan you are helping provide food, healthcare, emotional support and education. You are also supporting refugees in Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, India, South Sudan and Ethiopia. 

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