We travelled to refugee camps in Jordan last November, this time to meet Syrian refugees living on rations there, and see what the Ration Challenge community could do to help them.

Many kind and welcoming people shared their stories with us. Stories we’ll never forget. A family described how they'd fled from their home in the night as bombs flew towards them. A woman told us how she’d lost her sister and her unborn child. Two young boys who'd lost their dad. We can't give them back their dad. But we can help them find the strength to cope with what they’re going through.

When we told the refugees about the Ration Challenge, and what you’re doing to support them, they became very emotional. “You’re giving myself and all Syrians great hope” one woman told me.

Read their stories of strength and courage below.

Rasha's escape from terror

Rasha and her father Sayid endured a terrifying journey before they reached safety in Jordan. But now they face the possibility of not being able to feed their children.

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Giving refugees like Fatima the strength to cope

Volunteer Fatima helps to distribute rations to fellow refugees in Jordan ‘with love and a smile’. She’s determined to help others regain the dignity she lost on the dangerous and traumatic journey from Syria.

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Kid's cameras

We gave Syrian kids disposable cameras and what we got back was a powerful glimpse into their life as a refugee.

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Maya's life in Syria before the war

Maya and her husband Elias live with their five children in Souf refugee camp in Jordan. They fled Syria when their hometown was bombed. Maya told us how terrified she was that her family would be killed.

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