The refugee crisis

In the five years since it began, the conflict in Syria has created the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. And its civilians – women, children and men who are suffering the most.

250,000 people killed. Half the population forced to leave their homes. 4.8 million people who have fled the country. The numbers are hard to get your head around. And that’s why you taking this challenge is so important.

By putting yourself in the shoes of just one refugee, for just one week, you’re helping to communicate the suffering caused by this crisis on a human level. At a level we, and those around us, can actually understand. While much of the news coverage has been about refugees seeking safety in Australia, or Europe, it’s actually the countries next to conflict zones – such as Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan – that care for the vast, vast majority of refugees. One in ten people in Jordan is a Syrian refugee. It’s here where the pressure is greatest, the resources most stretched, and the need most urgent. And it’s here that Act for Peace works.

While Karen and I were visiting refugees in Jordan, we saw the terrible conditions people were living in. Stuck in refugee camps. Not allowed to work. They are in desperate need of rations, medical treatment and other kinds of support. Support that so many people aren’t getting, because there isn’t enough money.

And we saw the emotional pain people were suffering. Mothers, fathers and small children who’d been living normal lives and then suddenly lost everything – their homes, belongings, people they love – and found themselves strangers in a foreign country, cold, hungry and alone.

But by taking the Ration Challenge, you're changing this for the better! The money you're raising could provide emergency food rations, infant hygiene parcels, psychological support, livelihoods training and life-saving medical care.


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