Your money will support refugees in Jordan and around the world


The money you raise will help ensure Syrian refugees have enough to eat, but most importantly by taking the Ration Challenge you are telling refugees around the world that there are people who still care about them. 

These are families living among the local population. Squashed into basements, rooms, or whatever accommodation they can find, these urban refugee ‘camps’, are mostly concrete slums on the edges of towns. We prioritise the people living here because they’re harder to reach and receive less support than those in living the big refugee camps, like Zaatari.

Our program in Jordan

Our local partner in Jordan supports Syrian refugees through the provision of food rations, healthcare, hygiene and sanitation, pyschosocial support, livelihoods programs and education. 

Food and Hygiene Packs: Food ration packs and emergency hygiene kits are distrbuted to the most vulnerable families. Food packs include the exact same items as in the ration packs you will receive are given to the most at risk families. These packs include rice, oil, flour, kidney beans, lentils and fish. Hygiene kits include clothing, soap and sanitary items and are distrbuted to families to ensure they can stay healthy, avoiding outbreaks of disease. 

Health and Nutrition: Refugees are provided with highly qualitative health and nutrition awareness sessions, and also have access to medical diagnosis and medical dispense through free medical days monthly in each refugee camp. Thanks to your generous donations we can ensure early diagnosis of critical patients and prevent sickness through health awareness and education. 

Psychosocial Support: Thanks to your participation in the Ration Challenge we are also supporting the psychological needs of refugees. Through pyschosocial support sessions refugees are able to improve their wellbeing. Survivors of trauma, sexual and gender based violence and post traumatic stress disorder are able to receive specialist care and build a future that is happy and healthy. 

Children and Youth Education: Through the establishment of youth and children forums our local partner is able to reach children with education programs that can otherwise not attend school. These programs promote girls education, life skills, livelihoods and health and sanitation. 

Livlihoods: Our local partner empowers refugee women through social and economic training and forums. Women are trained in how to make a living through food preserves, weaving and hairdressing and are able to use their skills to service the local Jordanian host populatioin and make a living to support their families. 


Working through local partners

Act for Peace always works through local partner organisations. Organisations set-up and run by people who come from the communities where they work. They speak the language, they understand the culture, and they’re well trusted. Our local partner in Jordan has been working with refugees there for many years. Most of our work on the ground – distributing rations, running training - is done by volunteers, mainly refugees themselves. This is important, not only because it saves money and ensures aid reaches the people who need it most, but because it gives refugees the power to help their own communities.

Supporting Refugee communities around the world

By taking the Ration Challenge you will also be raising funds for our refugee programs around the world. Act for Peace refugee programs support refugees who have fled conflict or natural disaster to Ethiopia, India and Thailand. 

If you would like further information about the programs we support we are happy to help. Please send us an email at or call 1800 025 101.



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