Make the most of your Challenge

Here you'll find useful stuff to help you make the most of your Ration Challenge. Amplify your impact, smash your goals and inspire others to get on board. Take a look around - you can download videos and resources, access handy fundraising tips and check out recipes for the week. 


Use our Syrian inspired recipes during your Ration Challenge week. Smash your fundraising goals to earn rewards and mix up your menu.

Recipe ideas

Schools (Old)

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You can ‘earn’ extra ingredients by reaching fundraising goals. Click through for a full list of rewards.

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The Ration Challenge won't be easy but we can promise it will be worth it! Every Ration Challenger signs a pledge to say that they will stay committed to the challenge and follow a small set of rules. We will send you a copy of the pledge to sign and put up on your fridge/desk/wall. 

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Download Ration Challenge Videos, photos, powerpoint presentations and other helpful resources. You can also access copies of all the printed materials here if you need more copies.

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